The Best Applications for All of Your Social Needs

It helps to know what applications you can rely on for your social needs, especially if you’re an avid tweeter, Facebook addict or have any other favorite social website that you have trouble quitting. To make your social life easier, I’ve taken the time to highlight, in some cases, the best applications for doing any of the following: instant messaging, tweeting, updating your Google+, Facebook (chat as well), Yahoo chat, phone calls utilizing internet of 3G, and texting.

Instant Messaging

BeejiveIM with Push [4.99]
Beejive is the honey to your soul or the peanut butter to your jelly, analogous to your IMing needs. Literally, the application is one of the most productive applications I’ve seen on the App Store thus far after me owning an iOS device for multiple years now. The application never fails to satisfy, in that if allows you to chat from multiple social services including AIM, iChat, Facebook Chat, MySpace chat, Jabber, Google’s chatting services and technically text through AIM and such. As you can tell, it appeals to the new boys and the old schoolers by supporting the new chatting services as well as the some of the older, less popular ones…Anyways, the user-interface is absolutely, positively friendly, with all of your chats displayed in an organized list along with easily navigable menus. Plus, the application has a sweet feature that allows you to enable email notifications and also has push notifications cleverly integrated. If you like IMing, look no further than this solution from Beejive Inc. The combination of instant messaging anywhere at anytime and so many social networks is a dominant forte that stacks Beejive much higher than other mobile and desktop IM clients. It provides a wonderful way of chatting from multiple websites, all in one application and for only $4.99.

eBuddy Messenger [Pro/Free]
If you thought Beejive was cool, wait until you see what is provided by eBuddy, also an application devoted solely to instant messaging. For free (pro version as well), you get the ability to chat from multiple social networks: AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google chatting, MySpace and more. It’s got an aesthetically-pleasing way of displaying all of your contacts, which shows whether they’re online or offline. And, there’s no need to download a separate emoji application from the App Store, considering eBuddy comes with a full tray of sprites fully integrated.

Meebo [Free]
If you’ve ever used Meebo for your computer, you know what I’m talking about when I say the service provides a clean, quick, astonishingly efficient way of chatting from multiple networks all in one play; the same carries over to the iOS version of the application. It too allows you to chat from all of the regular networks (Facebook. MySpace, AIM, etc.) but also with a ton, ton more and push notifications to top it off.


I previously posted my top 8, native Twitter applications. So instead of retyping everything I had there, I’ll just link you over while also giving you an overview of my top 3.

Tweetbot [$1.99]
This is undoubtedly my most favorite Twitter client for the iPhone. If you’re ever using Tweetbot, you’re most likely using it for it’s user-friendly interface. Navigating through your Twitter profile has never been easier: all of your tweet, your messages, your info and more can be found with one click from anywhere in the application, thanks to the dock. Plus, the whole application is attractive, with a modern look and feel and sound effects that, when played, are always, strangely satisfying. The application will run you $1.99, though it does its job fantastically and correctly utilizes the iPhone’s and iPod Touch’s capacitive touchscreen.

Twitbird [Free$1.99 for Premium, $2.99 for Pro]
TwitBird could easily be the best Twitter application for iOS and is certainly very near the top. I couldn’t really find any cons with it, so I’ll just list the pros, which there are many. When you first boot up the application, you’ll be faced with a navigation page which displays everything you’d want to see, each beside a polished little icon. Here you can access new tweets, mentions, DMs, favorite tweets, your own tweets and a variety of tools that will be useful to stay organized. These will allow you do do a plethora of different things, very much alike the desktop version of Twitter. The application comes built in with 4 different themes that will affect the application’s layout. One will even make the navigation page exactly like your iDevice’s springboard, by blowing up the little icons, arranging them in three rows of three to a page, and giving you the ability to move icons around. If you want a flawless Twitter client that easily lets you personalize it, TwitBird is your solution.

Twitter [Free]
The official Twitter application for iOS was introduced as a revamped version of Tweetie, once the social industry giant bought out its developer. It’s got a polished user-interface and a unique system that involves a series of swiping. If you fancy an application that sticks to its job, and does nothing extra, Twitter’s official iOS application is definitely for you.


Facebook [Free]
If you haven’t heard of the Facebook application, the official one anyways, then that’s pretty sad. Not because it’s an awesome application, but since it’s literally the only application that lets you do what you need to do – in fact, it’s really not an awesome application. It’s the exact opposite: a lackluster, bug-plagued, crashy version of the desktop website you all love. I wouldn’t recommend the application, but it’s really the only way you’ll get what needs to be done, done, from your iOS device. So really, the application contradicts Apple’s “there’s an app for that” since there’s really no app for doing everything-Facebook unless you really consider the official app as an application at all, which I do not. #dissed

BeejiveIM for Facebook [Free]
There aren’t really any noticed applications, if any at all, that let you do everything you could normally do on Facebook save for chatting. One of the better ones, excluding the applications above providing support for multiple networks, is BeejiveIM for Facebook, a user-friendly client that makes Facebook chatting easier. So now you don’t have to be chatting from an application you can’t rely on to sustain one whole chat (official Facebook app), but can instead use one that works extremely well. If you’re looking for an IM client, and are not looking for one that serves multiple purposes (as above) then pick up this free one.

Google+/Google chat

Google+ [Free]
Google+ is fairly new, but also a huge network already meaning it wouldn’t be completely ethical to not release an iPhone application (what’s up with you guys Facebook?). There’s an application serving the purpose of updating your feed and checking your circles already, and it’s straight from Google which means it’s great. Unfortunately, it’s currently not available for the iPod Touch and iPad, and instead only available for iPhone users, meaning the 3GS isn’t yet not paid attention to.

BeejivIM for GTalk [Free]
Yup, the folks over at Beejive Inc. are really good as all of these productivity applications. It’s efficient, ideal and great for chatting using Google’s chat service. Best of all, especially, excluding the fact that it’s from Beejive, it’s absolutely free. So there’s no penalty for not liking it.


Yahoo Messenger
The ultimate application for chatting through Yahoo!’s chatting services, is without doubt their official endeavor currently on the App Store. The application’s interface simply breathes style, to say the least. Using the application, you can chat, send free SMS and much more. Certainly something to include in your utilities folder.

Calling, Video Chatting, etc.

Skype [Free]
The best iPhone application for chatting (within its own service), video calling and phone calling is, hands-down, Skype. The mobile version of the widely acclaimed desktop service is extremely reliable and provides a wonderful way to video chat with friends, IM within its own instant messaging service and call other phones using a cheap-for-you system. Video calls haven’t ever dropped for me, going on to prove that it’s simply amazing; easily navigable, reliable and highly efficient for any of the aforementioned purposes.

Text Messaging

Palringo [Free]
Not only does this application support chatting across multiple networks, but it also provides users with the option to send, absolutely free, text messages to other phones. A great solution for texting.

Textfree with Voice [Free]
This application is a beast among beasts. Boasting a free price tag, it allows you to text for free from within its own interface – you’ll be assigned a Textfree number, which can also be used for free voice calls. Plus, if you have this application, you can forget Beejive’s solution to Facebook chatting, considering Textfree also has Facebook’s chat integrated.

Google Voice [Free]
I’ve personally never used this application, or its desktop counterpart hosted by Google, but it was pointed out to my by one of our readers, below. The application is supposedly great for sending text messages to any US number and also allows phone calls, with apparent reasonable rates. Considering it’s made and marketed by Google, expect it to be pretty good.

So, that’s it for now. Did we miss anything? Any applications that fit extremely well into the above categories? If so, let us know in the comments. I’ve been trying to figure out, for the past few days, which productivity applications I should keep and which ones I should junk; because Apple only allows 12 applications into a folder and having two folders for one application isn’t, in my honest opinion, too ideal as an example of organization.