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Delayed Again

Our apologies, but our server backend is corrupt from the downtime and server transfers which is making the relaunch very difficult (impossible to have it properly-configured until this is fixed). Nonetheless, we do have ambitious plans for the site if the levels of management can work together to fix this.

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Radically New iPhone Alley Launches with the iPhone 5S, 5C September 20th

We’ve hyped it. Server downtime delayed it. This time though, the stunningly brand new iPhone Alley will launch the same day as the new iPhone lineup on September 20th. While the new iPhone 5S is over fourty times faster and arguably slicker than the original iPhone that we have been

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We Hate Downtime, Too! Where Has iPhone Alley Been?

It gives the team of the site a small dose of anguish to think that we put our fan-base through a month without iPhone Alley. Alas, while the lengthy downtime caused by a mixture of miscommunication and web host issues may have been a slight hamper on our relaunch festivities it takes more than a few issues behind-the-scenes to keep us from continuing our journey to re-establish the site as a key iOS blog.


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Why Is iPad Mini Cannibalizing the Original iPad?

The market has shown its hand in favor of the second-generation iPad Mini over the original iPad and it could force other tablet vendors to drop their prices as well, according to J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz. On Thursday, Moskowitz noted that this year’s tablet sales forecasts would increase due

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What Will Put the “S” in the iPhone 5S?

The Japanese blog MacOtakara reported that Foxconn has allegedly started production of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5 successor. Although there won’t by any notable design changes, and there is little to no tooling needed to manufacture the two models on the same production lines, it wouldn’t be Apple

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iPhone, iPad Market “Softening,” Analysts Say

Are the iPhone and iPad losing their grip on the market? At least three Citi bank analysts think so. According to analysts Glen Yeung, Jim Suva and Walter H. Pritchard, estimates revealed that Apple will see a steady decline in the next few months over its high-demand products. And with

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iPhone Was Almost Called Something Else

What if the iPhone was named something completely different? What if Apple opted to call its handheld device something a bit more catchy, like Mobi, Telepod — or even iPad? It may appear strange at first, but former advertising creative director Ken Segall told a marketing class at the University

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White House Says It’s Time to Legalize Cellphone Unlocking

The White House has issued a response to a petition signed by 114,000+ U.S. cellphone owners asking their government to support the rights of consumers to unlock their cellphones.

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Apple’s “iWatch” to Be Released This Year, Source Says

The rumored Apple smartchwatch is gaining legs, as both The Verge and Bloomberg both reported on its current development status and its targeted release date for later this year. Bloomberg reported on Monday that Apple is building a team made up of “about 100 product designers” who are working on an

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Relaunch Teaser: The Innovative New iPhone Alley Coming March 9

While we unfortunately have encontoured technical issues in bringing the radically-revamped new iPhone Alley live, the discrepancy in our plans seems to be more of a blessing than a curse as it allows us more time to make the relaunch even more spectacularly feature-rich. For now, here’s a very brief

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