Speed Up Sync Time By Bypassing USB Hub

There are a lot of different suggested methods for reducing the sync time for the new iPhone software, ranging from re-installing apps to any number of things, but Scott Paterson with UKMac.Net has stumbled upon one he believes may have solved the issue for him.

While he usually plugged it in to a USB hub that was connected to his iMac, he decided to try plugging it in directly to a USB port on his machine. Strangely enough, he says it worked like a charm and synced at a much faster speed. We haven’t tested it ourselves so we’re not sure how well it works, but if you’re trying to sync your iPhone or iPod touch through a USB hub and it’s taking absurd lengths of time to do so, try connecting it directly to a USB port right on your computer.

Be sure and let us know if this works for you in the comments!

[via DaringFireball]

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