Send Free Text Messages From AIM If You’re Too Cheap to Pay

Now that AT&T has removed the complimentary 200 SMS messages from the iPhone 3G data plan, I’m betting that some are looking for a cheaper alternative to sending texts. Luckily, AIM for iPhone supports sending text messages via the AIM service, which is totally free. To use this method, sign in with your AIM account on an iPhone. When you’re all logged in, tap the “new message” icon. Where you would normally specify a username, enter a mobile number instead. Be sure to add ‘+1′ and the area code before, though.

While this method may sound good in theory, it does have its share of drawbacks. First, messages sent from AIM don’t come from your mobile number, so your recipients won’t know who it is. Also, SMS messages received from AIM still count as incoming texts, meaning the savings are only on your end.

Although it may come in handy for sporadic messages every now and then, if you use it often, a text plan is really worth it.

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