Make Google Search Your Backup Voice Assistant with New Jailbreak Tweak

iOS users with jailbroken devices can now make the Google Search app a backup to Siri thanks to a new jailbreak tweak called NowNow. Of course Google Search can’t launch apps, or access your contacts like Siri can, but it’s a great tool for looking up information or getting directions. It is also a lot faster and sometimes more accurate than Apple’s voice assistant.

NowNow allows you to launch the the Google Search app with an Activator function. This will allow you to quickly access and use Google Search to do things like find local restaurants. You can even replace Siri by choosing the “Short Hold” option under the Home Button settings. However, this can be confusing since Siri will still launch with a long hold, and you may find yourself with dueling personal assistants.

To add Google Search as a second voice assistant you need to download the Google Search app, and the jailbreak utility “NowNow”. You can locate and install NowNow by searching for it in Cydia. The utility does not add an icon to your Home Screen. Instead you’ll need to locate the NowNow panel under Settings and tap “Activation Methods” to access the list of Activators functions. You can then select which function you would like to use to launch the Google Search app.

For example, I use the “Short Hold” Sleep Button function so I can quickly access Google Search when I don’t want to use Siri.

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