Get Almost Maximum Value for iPhone 4S by Trading in

Although we’ll soon have a guide on how to maximize profits by selling your iPhone 4S through eBay, today we’re going to take a look at the optimal way to receive the most amount of cash for your used iPhone 4S by trading in your device.

You really want to purchase the newly-announced iPhone 5 this Friday but doing so is simply not ethical for your budget. What’s the best solution? Until we make public the best way to sell through eBay’s auctioning system, we’d say the number one way to receive the most money from your used iPhone 4S is through the various electronic trade-in services that are offered online.



Amazon Electronic Trade-In

The first of these services is probably the superior solution in comparison to the other two listed down below. Amazon’s Electronic Trade-In service gives its users the best value for their electronics. Depending on the condition of your device, you’ll be able to qualify for one of three tiers. If your device is in peak condition, – meaning it looks absolutely flawless, shiny and new – and if you have the original packaging intact, then you should quality for the top tier. These values are listed in the table below.

Once you select your iPhone and the condition it’s in, you can print a shipping label that can be taken to a local UPS store along with your iPhone to be shipped in. You’ll have seven days to send it out, meaning you can wait for your new iPhone 5 to arrive this Friday (if it was pre-ordered) before being without a phone. Upon receiving your device, Amazon will determine whether or not your device meets the requirements for the selected tier. If not, the company will either choose the appropriate quality tier or will send it back – whichever you select.

eBay InstantSale

This next option is slightly less detailed and also less rewarding. eBay doesn’t ask which color iPhone you have. They instead offer one price for either model, which are lower prices than Amazon’s service. Rather than condition tiers, eBay will ask you three questions to determine the price for your device. These are simple questions that can be answered within a few seconds. The absolute maximum amount you can receive is again detailed in the following table:

If you submit your device to eBay’s InstantSale within the next 6 days, you’ll have until October 1st to ship it out to ensure you’re without a smartphone until your iPhone 5 arrives. Anything after the 23rd, and you’ll have only seven days to ship out your device. With eBay, you’ll similarly be able to select what you want eBay to do with your device if it doesn’t meet the assigned condition value. eBay offers free shipping as well.

There are other services such as Gazelle that also offer trade-in solutions to get your iPhone off your hands. However, said service isn’t even worth noting considering how much significantly lower the trade-in prices are in comparison to the aforementioned two services.

Let us know if you decide to go with one of the two services described above. We’ll soon post a detailed article with tips on how to effectively put your iPhone up on eBay as an auction.