Dump Your Contract Early and Get an iPhone

When I talk to people about getting an iPhone, the number one reason for waiting is usually due to having a contract with another carrier. Sure, the iPhone is shiny, but who really wants to pay $175 to get out of a contract? Reader David sent in a tip to aide individuals facing this dilemma. If you’re locked into a contract you can easily get rid of it by using a cellular plan trading site.

The idea behind these sites is that you list your current contract and offer it to others for free. The party on the receiving end gets a short-term contract with no activation fees. You can also toss in your phone and even a cash incentive to get the process rolling.

I personally have not used any of these services, but I’ve heard good things. David recommends Celltrade, but other companies such as Cellswapper work in the same way.

To get a better idea of these services’ inner workings, check out Cellswapper’s highly entertaining and informative “Life, love and early termination fees” video.

Thanks David!

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