DIY: Turn Your Old iPhone Dock Into An iPhone 3G Dock

Wish you had a dock for that iPhone 3G but not willing to dish out the $29 for a piece of white plastic? Flickr user mdrengl decided he didn’t want to either. Instead, he modified his old iPhone dock to work with the 3G. If you don’t mind carving into your dock with a knife, then check out the instructions after the break.

There are two ways to go about it. Either use a very sharp knife, or use a Dremel tool. The sharp knife will work well enough if you’re just looking for function, but the Dremel tool will give you a more professional look. Remember: if you use the knife, it’s not difficult to cut yourself. Also, there’s a good chance that doing this might accidentally ruin something, which we take no responsibility for. Proceed at your own risk, blah blah blah.


  • iPhone (first-generation) dock
  • clear packing tape
  • sharp knife
  • small flathead screwdriver
  • 100 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper

Step 1: Cover the male connector (inside the dock) and the female connector (on the back of the dock) with the clear tape so no bits of plastic get inside and ruin your connectors.

Step 2: carve at the inner sides of the dock with the sharp tool of your choice. Carve for 5 minutes at a time, making sure to stop every so often to remove the tape on the male connector (use the screwdriver) and check to see if your iPhone 3G fits correctly yet. Don’t forget to re-cover the connector if you start carving again.

Step 3: Once the dock is carved enough to fit the connector, test the connection to make sure your iPhone syncs through it (remove tape from both connectors, plug the iPhone in, and connect it to iTunes)

Step 4: Reapply the tape to both connectors.

Step 5: Use the sand paper (or smoothing tool of your choice) to sand down your carving work to make it nice and smooth. Be warned that this is pretty messy, so you may want to do this over the trash and wear safety glasses.

Results will most definitely vary depending on your skill with a carving tool and the amount of time you put into this project, but the results posted on Flickr by the person who came up with this look pretty darn good. If you give it a try, be sure to send us photos, questions or comments in the comments below or drop us an email.

[via iPhone Freak]

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