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Gamevil Going Partly Freemium, for the Moment At-Least

It seems iPhone developer and publisher, Gamevil is halfhearted on whether they should be going completely freemium with their games or not. Recently, they have dropped a few of their games from their original price point down to absolutely FREE. Check them out below. These applications are definitely not Gamevil’s

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Job Compass

Job Compass is a visceral and highly useful job finder website-turned-application. When you open the program, it asks your permission to use your location and then utilizes it to pull up all surrounding jobs within a 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 mile radius. If you have a specific job in mind then simply type a key word into the search bar and let the app do the rest. This well-designed program will quickly help you through some of the more drab aspects of searching for employment!


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