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Unofficial Pokemon-Like Game Coming Soon, Dubbed ZENFORMS

Even if Nintendo isn't going to take a bite into the thriving iOS market, it seems other developers are catching the bait and taking the cue; it's one of the highest points in App Store history, so iOS developers are going to eventually see the potential money in the popular Nintendo franchise. That has already begin some few years after the opening of the App Store in the form of ZENFORMS.


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AT&T Argues Against Net Neutrality for Wireless Networks

Wireless carrier AT&T, the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the U.S., has spoken out against recent statements by the Federal Communications Commission chairman in favor of Net neutrality. Per AppleInsider, while AT&T supports the principles outlined Monday by Chairman Julius Genachowski for broadband access, the carrier reportedly does not have the same feeling for the cellphone market, an Genachowski also mentioned in his speech on Monday.


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