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Genius Chinese Developer Sues Apple Over Siri, Then Copies Siri

In a move that seems to be one mainly out of greed like 95% of the other cases where Apple has been sued, a Chinese developer is claiming that the Siri voice assistant infringes on a patent that had been filed in 2004. Perhaps it may be fine for the Shanghai developer to believe that Siri takes after its ambiguous patent, however the developer crosses a line of their own by releasing an update to the product that they claim Siri copied, with the company effectively copying the look and feel of Apple's Siri implementation.


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Blockbuster Releases iPhone App

Blockbuster has launched the Blockbuster app [App Store, Free] for the iPhone and iPod touch, available now. The app allows you to view and manage your online rental queue, view the Blockbuster's video catalogue of movies and TV shows, locate nearby stores and view their inventory in real time.


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