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Apple Readies iOS 5.0.1 for Public Release

Pretty much since the day of the launch of the iPhone 4S this past October 14th, users reported that they were having problems with the battery life of the device. Rather than posing as an improvement to last year’s iteration of the iPhone, the 4S could barely make it through

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Minecraft Fans Rest Assured – Official Port Coming to iOS (most likely)

I’ve never played, but in the past few years, particularly more recently, I’ve been hearing a ton of praise for the computer version of Minecraft. The gameplay is based mainly around construction, with more variation as well, as players will be able to roam vast cubicle worlds and be able

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iDream is an ambient audio relaxation app with many uses. The app comes with 25 stereo sounds which are specially designed to provide a calm environment for sleeping, napping, or just relaxing. It also comes with a color visualizer which can be optionally activated.


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