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How-To: Save $130 and Fees on a 3G iPad 2 If You Own an iPhone

Did you know that there is a fairly clever workaround for 3G iPad fee woes if you already own an iPhone? Actually there are two, one for those without a risk-taking trait and one for those who are a little more ambitious. Either way, getting rid of iPad 3G costs

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Senator Asks Carriers To Justify Crazy SMS Rates

Tired of ridiculously overpriced data rates for SMS messages? Me too. Luckily we're not alone. US Senator and head of the Antitrust Committee Herb Kohl thinks there's something fishy going on with how much SMS text messages are being priced, and he's doing something about it. On Wednesday he submitted an open letter to the heads of all four major wireless carriers in the US giving them the opportunity to justify what appears to be unnecessarily high fees.


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