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iPhone 5 Worst Smartphone? Thus Sayeth Consumer Reports

There’s no disputing the fact that the iPhone is the greatest invention since…well…ever. But Consumer Reports begs to differ, at least when it comes to the iPhone 5, which for the moment is the most recent version of the greatest device known to mankind. Never mind the fact that the

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AT&T: Best iPhone Launch We’ve Ever Had

It looks like AT&T customers weren’t disappointed by the iPhone 4S announcement. The carrier claims they sold 200,000 iPhones on Friday. “AT&T has seen extraordinary demand for iPhone 4S with more than 200,000 preorders in the first 12 hours alone, the most successful iPhone launch we’ve ever had. It’s obvious

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Sprint Already Accepting Pre-Orders For the iPhone 4

Sprint is betting heavily on the iPhone, reportedly agreeing to purchase 30 million handsets over the next four years. The carrier got to work quickly by accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 4 on Thursday, and announcing their unlimited data plan. “Sprint’s Simply Everything Plan is the only plan from a

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Would You Switch to Sprint?

It’s rumored and, though very crazy, possible that the iPhone 5 could be exclusive to underdog carrier, if you will, Sprint. Would you switch to Sprint if the new iPhone, supposedly (and hopefully) being announced tomorrow only supports the third most popular carrier? Up till now, the previous generations of

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Sprint May Exclusively Get iPhone 5 in a Multi-Billion Dollar Deal, Updated iPhone 4S/5 Feature Lists

Sprint may have entered into a deal with Apple worth $20 billion, a huge gamble for the struggling carrier. As a result of the deal, iPhone 5 would reportedly be exclusively available on Sprint. Under the deal, Sprint would be committed to purchase 30 million iPhones over the next four

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Who’s More Dedicated, Android or iPhone Owners?

The iPhone / Android war is an interesting one: In one corner you have Apple fans who believe Steve Jobs can do no wrong. In the other corner you have Android fans who think the iPhone is the devil. But does every Android owner really love their smartphone? According to

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Sprint iPhone Rumors Heating Up

The Sprint iPhone rumor is starting to gain some steam. On Friday, Bloomberg reiterated the Wall Street Journal’s claim that Sprint would be carrying the iPhone 5 in mid-October. Bloomberg added that Sprint would be retaining their unlimited data service plans for the iPhone 5 in hopes to compete with

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Plan and Device Prices to Significantly Drop with iPhone 5?

Since rumors are really heating up regarding the potential for the next iPhone to make its way onto Sprint, it seems fitting to further discuss the effects consumers would see as a result of every major carrier selling Apple’s highly sought-after popular device. When it comes to pricing, everything could

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An iPhone on Sprint Make Perfect Sense for Apple

Stories are recurring yet again that Sprint will indeed be selling the next iPhone alongside Verizon and AT&T when it launches in the fall. Sprint’s stock rating recently raised from “sell” (as in, “get rid of Sprint stock now, writing is on the wall”) to “neutral,” fueling speculation that this

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Why an iPod touch with 3G Makes Perfect and Imperfect Business Sense

To date, the iPod touch has been attributed to the description of “an iPhone without the phone or data capabilities” in its simplest. That is still accurate, but a recent rumor about how the next iPod touch may include options for 3G data service shakes up the differences between it

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