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White House Says It’s Time to Legalize Cellphone Unlocking

The White House has issued a response to a petition signed by 114,000+ U.S. cellphone owners asking their government to support the rights of consumers to unlock their cellphones.

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Unique Dribbble Design: Fold to Unlock

Apple's patented slide to unlock method for unlocking an iOS device has received a decent revamp via a designer on Dribbble.


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4.2.1 Jailbreak

In November, Apple approved an update to their mobile operating system iOS. Shortly after, the iPhone jailbreaking community hacked it. However, the only hack available was a tethered jailbreak.  Meaning when you reboot your device, you have to tether it to your computer which can be a pain. Now the

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Strange Cracks Appearing In iPhone 3G Plastic Back

The appearance of mysterious deformities on numerous iPhone 3Gs is bringing the durability of the plastic back plate into question. Owners of iPhone 3Gs worldwide have begun to notice small, mysterious, black cracks forming in the plastic of their iPhone. Hairline fractures have been forming, mostly near the volume and vibrate controls, but also elsewhere on the device. Most of the devices with the problem have been the white 16GB model, though at least one black model is displaying signs as well.


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