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Monster Turbine Headphone Review – Monster Is A Beast!

“Life’s too short to listen to bad headphones”. That is what is imprinted on the box of my new Monster Turbine headphones from Monster. This statement, proves to be true – you don’t want to spend years using those old Apple earbuds, do you? Monster is a winner when it

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Telefonica Pre-Registers 300,000 iPhone 3G Customers In UK, Spain

Telefonica has announced that they have received 300,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 3G in the U.K. and Spain combined. According to their spokesperson, customers have been reserving their iPhone 3G on the company's website ever since Telefonica announced that they would be offering it earlier this month. Telefonica was already the official carrier of the first generation of iPhone in the U.K. and Ireland as O2, and will be expanding this to Spain, the Czech Republic, and twelve Latin American countries on July 11.


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