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Siege Hero App Review – Polish Is Very Evident in this Successor of a Classic

If you’re like me, you’ve owned one of Apple’s mobile devices for a few years now, you may remember Armor Games’ fling-to-kill-by-toppling-the-structures-game, much like the modern day version Angry Birds, Crush the Castle. At the time, the game was one of the hottest games on the app store with a

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Apple Approves CastCatcher Update

Earlier this month developer Return7 reported that Apple had rejected an update to their iPhone app CastCatcher [App Store, $3.99] from being posted in the App Store on the grounds of excessive bandwidth usage. The explanation didn't seem to fit since its bandwidth usage hadn't changed in the update, and the app still used much less than some apps. Fortunately, Apple has since come to their senses and approved the update. The reason for the sudden change is unknown. [via MacRumors]


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