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Facebook to Revamp Its App Following Significant Criticism

You don’t make it to 750 million friends without a few critics. Thankfully for Facebook, those critics are only expressing negativity over a buggy iPhone app. Over 65% of reviews on the App Store for the Facebook app are unanimously unfavorable, rating the app one stars out of a possible

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iPhone Basics: Typing Special Characters

Everyone knows that iPhone's keyboard comes with a full set of QWERTY keys, numbers, and punctuation, but you may not have realized that there's even more. Hidden underneath many of the keys are special character variations. To bring up a special character, simply tap and hold for a moment and select from the pop-up menu. For example, if you'd like to type café, simply type caf, hold E, and choose É from the menu. There are tons of other special characters hidden behind both alphabetical keys and punctuation keys. Check 'em out!


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