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‘Temple Run 2′ Downloaded Over 20m Times in Four Days

Imangi Studios’ Temple Run took mobile gaming by storm when it was released back in August 2011. Since then, it’s received numerous updates, has been made available on Android, and has become a free-to-play game, only a month after its release.

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iPhone Alley App of the Day – June 14, 2012

Although our staff here at iPhone Alley doesn’t get to review every single worthwhile application that undoubtedly bombard the App Store each and everyday, we keep an eye out for those that promise potential. Our limited number of reviews isn’t reflective of our eyes that are constantly searching the broad

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App Showcase: Tripod Camera Helps You Take Perfectly Straight Photos Every Time

In case you haven't noticed, there's been an explosion of camera apps on the App Store lately and, for the most part, we've totally avoided them. However, when I saw Tripod Camera [App Store, $1.99] I had to stop and check it out. The idea is simple; use the iPhone's accelerometer to determine whether the picture you're taking is straight and compensate if it's not. It works incredibly well and even includes an anti-shake feature which only takes a picture when you're still.

If you're into taking nice photos with your iPhone, Tripod Camera is totally worth checking out. Video of it in action follows below!


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