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Monster Turbine Headphone Review – Monster Is A Beast!

“Life’s too short to listen to bad headphones”. That is what is imprinted on the box of my new Monster Turbine headphones from Monster. This statement, proves to be true – you don’t want to spend years using those old Apple earbuds, do you? Monster is a winner when it

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DIY: Homemade Interference Shield From A Red Bull Can Stops Speaker Buzz

One of the more annoying problems with having an iPhone is the buzzing noise that comes out of computer speakers when it gets too close to them. This can be especially problematic given that the most logical place to charge the device for most people is in the same location as the computer so it can be synced quickly, etc. Fortunately someone has found a solution by creating a shield made from some double-sided tape and an empty Red Bull can.


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