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LifeProof to Offer Cases at Multiple Retail Stores Nationwide

The freedom to do whatever you please with your phone, though with some mental limitations, as you probably don't want to throw it around mindlessly, has been a successful endeavor dreamt and manufactured by LifeProof in the form of their slick LifeProof case for the iPhone 4/4S among other devices. Previously only available online and at Best Buy locations, the company has expanded their availability by partnering with multiple retailers around the country to offer you the same sleek, form-fitting case you'll instantly fall in love with once purchased.


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Apple Stores Set to Open Early for the Launch of the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S was available for preorder starting on October 7th, but the preorder stock recently ran out leaving October 14th, the official launch date for the phone, the only opportunity for potential early adopters to get their hands on the new phone. Due to large demand, Apple Stores will

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Police Scanner

Police Scanner is a handy application that allows you to listen to authority radios from around the world. No longer is there a need for bulky receivers or obvious speakers... all you need now is an iPhone or iPod touch, reception or WiFi access and the stamina to wait through long droughts of silence.


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