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Star Trek App Beams to the iPad

Would Captain Kirk be an Apple guy or an Android guy? I’ll leave that debate open to real Star Trek fans, but I do know that Trekkies can now have the ultimate Star Trek experience on their iPad. The new Star Trek application from CBS Interactive transforms your iPad into

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First iPhone Game Bundle Hits The App Store

Five Independent developers have teamed up to bring one of the first game bundles to the App Store. The bundle is priced at $5, a steal compared to each individual game. The 5 Fingers Games Bundle [App Store] includes Chopper ($2.99), BurnBall ($1.99), Blackbeard's Assault $1.99, Sneezies ($1.99), and Up There ($1.99). All of these games are fantastic and definitely worth the cost. Hit the jump to see a video of the bundle in action!


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