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PlayStation 4 App for iOS to Bring New Gaming Experiences to iPhone/iPad

Stop us if you have heard this before: next-generation gaming on iPhone/iPad, courtesy of the newly-unveiled PlayStation 4 and its PlayStation app. Intrigued? iOS could play an integral part in the way that the new wave of games are interacted with if Sony has its way with its second-screen app.

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GameStop to Bring Console Games to Phones and Tablets Through Its Cloud Service

In a gaming scene becoming increasingly dominated by downloads, rentals, and taking small but steady steps to the cloud, GameStop is developing a service that will keep the gaming retailer giant relevant. Customers will soon have the option to purchase cloud access to a select library of games. When purchasing

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PlayStation Vita (PSP2) Bests iPod touch’s Hardware for $250

Yesterday, Sony took to the E3 gaming conference stage to announce launch details on its new handheld device, the PlayStation Vita. PlayStation Vita is the first true successor to the PlayStation Portable (which launched in the U.S. over six years ago), bringing forth the best of modern technologies in a

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Best Technology Super Bowl Commercials 2011

Technology companies ruled the roost this year with the Super Bowl commercials. Best Buy’s ad last night featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Beiber told us that Best Buy would buy back our old products when we decide to upgrade. Seriously? What is the catch? Here is the scale posted on

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TopSkin for iPhone 3G

PDO's TopSkin for iPhone 3G is a comfortable and resilient case that comes with a belt clip and a low price. The first generation iPhone's TopSkin was awarded iLounge's 2007 iPhone Case of the Year. This case comes with the micro-grip case, one belt clip and a screen cover. The micro-grip case is very comfortable and comes in four different colours: black, gray, blue and pink.


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