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Dungeon Defenders: First Wave App Review – A Frantic Mix of the Tower Defense and RPG Genres

Making the best game in all aspects considered before being bought is essential of developers. You’ll rarely ever see a really sloppy game up at the top, right? There always has to be some sort of “zing” for the game to be a successful one. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave has

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Samurai II: Vengeance App Review – Hack ‘n’ Slash Gaming At The Absolute Max!

A little while ago, a new game was introduced on the app store attracting tons of customers and making a huge impact with its debut. This app, Samurai: Way of the Warrior was featured twice (if I recall correctly) on FAAD. The main character made Chuck Norris seriously look cute,

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Mobifindr Texts The Location Of Your Lost iPhone To You

Have you ever been worried about accidentally misplacing your iPhone out in that big world out there, and not having any clue where to find it? Now, thanks to a new app by Navizon, you can get a clue, or several, just by texting your phone from another phone. The app is called Mobifindr, and when you send a special text combination to your iPhone via SMS message, the app finds the location of the device using the AGPS and texts the location back to you. Video after the break.


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