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Apple Job Posting Looks to Improve Siri Dialog in a Number of Ways

It was a little over a year ago when Apple debuted Siri on the iPhone 4S. At its start, Siri was able to assist iPhone 4S users by checking the weather for them, changing their schedule on the fly and setting up alarms when a mid-day nap was in order.

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i-Got-Control IRB1 Dongle Announced, Allows for Device Control from iPhone

Not long after additional IR dongles for the iPhone and iPod touch, the i-Got-Control IRB1 dongle is about to be released, the device including a database of over 40,000 IR codes for household devices and appliances.

Per SlashGear, simply plug this into the dock connector, download the free application [App Store, Free] and then dial up whatever components they have; once loaded, the IR beamer should do the rest, removing the need to keep those 40 remotes around.

The i-Got-Control IRB1 is expected to start shipping any day now for $69.95.


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