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Poll: Free Bumper Case or $15 Check from Apple?

A settlement has been reached in a class-action lawsuit regarding the performance of the antenna of the original iPhone 4, previously known as a phenomenon dubbed Antennagate. As part of the agreement reached, owners of the original iPhone, will be allowed to choose one between two forms of compensation from

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SendStation Dock Extender – Dock Your iPhone Without Removing Its Case

The iPhone is arguably one of the most beautiful mobile phones available today and it's only natural to want to protect all that shiny goodness. Unfortunately a majority of the cases out there don't fit in the iPhone's dock, forcing you to either remove the case every time you want to charge, or neglecting the dock and merely using the cable. Thankfully the innovative folks at SendStation have come up with the Dock Extender which lets you dock your iPhone while keeping it inside of a case.


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