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Get Almost Maximum Value for iPhone 4S by Trading in

Although we'll soon have a guide on how to maximize profits by selling your iPhone 4S through eBay, today we're going to take a look at the optimal way to receive the most amount of cash for your used iPhone 4S by trading in your device.


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iPhone/iPad Manufacturer Foxconn Replacing Workers with a Million Robots, Beginning of the End for Human Employment?

This story is more breaking, significant news than it may seem at first glance: Foxconn, which manufactures products for a wide array of electronics companies including Apple’s iOS devices, is going to replace workers with a million robots. The company is already using 10,000 with plans for 300,000 next year

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Spotify for iPhone: What You Need to Know

As you’ve all probably heard by now, thanks to all the chatter, Spotify recently launched in the states accompanied by a nice, little iPhone application to go along with. Currently only offering one way to become a member, which is by invite (unless you decide to go premium), the service

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BeejiveIM (pronounced "bee-hive") is an instant messaging application that supports nearly every chat system known to the Internet, including AIM, Yahoo!, Facebook, Google Talk, and MSN. You can log in to multiple accounts at once, chat with as many buddies as you like, and even send them photos and voice memos. In an upcoming update, you'll even be able to send videos from your iPhone 3GS. And of course, version 3.0 (which this review is about) comes with support for push notifications!


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