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iPhone 4 Self-Combusts on Plane

Passengers flying aboard the Australian airline, Regional Express, flight number ZL319, had quite a scare this past Friday as they discovered an iPhone both emitting smoke and glowing red with heat just as the domestic flight landed.

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TextExpander Support Comes to Four New Apps, On Sale For $1.99

TextExpander is a Mac utility that lets you specify abbreviations for frequently typed strings of text which then expand as you're writing. They also have an iPhone app [App Store, $1.99] that does the same, but you have to be in the app because of Apple's development rules. So to get around the limitation, SmileOnMyMac created an SDK to enable other apps to use the TextExpander engine.

Right now the list of applications with TextExpander support is limited, but it is growing! Today they announced that four new apps showed up to the TextExpander party; Pocket Informant, GarageSale, NoteStuff, and Auteureist. The new additions join apps like Tweetie, SimpleNote, and WriteRoom for a total of twelve apps all together. To celebrate, SOMM has dropped the price of TE to $1.99, down from $4.99.


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