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Samsung Runs Anti-iPhone 5 Ad in Newspapers

In what seems like quite a childish attempt to undermine the iPhone 5, Samsung today ran an ad in Sunday newspapers blatantly declaring its anti-iPhone 5 view. You haven't seen desperate until you've seen this.


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Promptu Releases ShoutOUT TXT, SMS Dictation App

Software developer Promptu Systems has released ShoutOUT TXT, an application that lets you dictate messages to your iPhone and send them as a regular SMS text message.

The application allows users to set up an account and begin texting via their contact list or any phone number that can be texted. Users receive the first 25 text messages for free and can make in-app purchases of $4.99 for 250 messages, or $1.99 for 50. AT&T currently charges $15.00 for 1500 text messages, which would retail for $30.00 on ShoutOUT TXT.


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