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Tweet Land App Review – Really Real Reality Gaming Sure to Keep You Ravenous

With gaming, there’s really no limit. We’ve seen augmented reality, streamed gaming, external joypads and more, but we’ve never really quite encountered a game that plays based on reality. It’s new, it’s great, it’s real and it’s Tweet Land ($1.99). Launching just today, the game puts you in control of

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The iPhone 5 Was Reality According to a Source

While the various news outlets of the web may have gotten readers a bit too ecstatic when hyping out the iPhone 5, truth is, there was no iPhone 5 come Apple’s annual press conference. One source says that next year’s iPhone, unofficially and presumably dubbed iPhone 5, will be a

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European Consumer Groups Begin Investigating Reports of Cracking/Exploding iPhones

Following up on our exploding French iPhone story from a few days ago, French consumer groups are investigating reports of iPhones that explode or crack spontaneously. According to BBC News, an 80-year-old from the Paris suburbs was among eight people who said their phones' screens were affected with consumers in the UK, Holland and Sweden have reported similar problems, prompting an earlier EU investigation.


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