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Genius Chinese Developer Sues Apple Over Siri, Then Copies Siri

In a move that seems to be one mainly out of greed like 95% of the other cases where Apple has been sued, a Chinese developer is claiming that the Siri voice assistant infringes on a patent that had been filed in 2004. Perhaps it may be fine for the Shanghai developer to believe that Siri takes after its ambiguous patent, however the developer crosses a line of their own by releasing an update to the product that they claim Siri copied, with the company effectively copying the look and feel of Apple's Siri implementation.


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Orbital: Do All Great Apps Succeed?

Sometimes a great app goes unnoticed, as seems to be the case with bitforge's Orbital, a small game that's been described in a recent blog post as doing everything but sell well.

To be fair, it is selling, but has yet to move more than 100,000 units. Apparently that's not considered a success, and the PR firm behind this said the game had an 80% piracy rate in the first week, which has since dropped down to 24%.


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