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Mini Reviews: Four Accessories from ThinkGeek

Sometime last week, I received a few products from the geeky, and so similar to me, guys over at ThinkGeek. Since the four things I got aren’t really worthy of a full review

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Pocket Academy App Review – Kairosoft + A School = Brilliant!

If you haven’t heard of Kairosoft by now, you’re either really ignorant and uninformed, or you just got an iPod Touch or iPhone yesterday. Either way, if you haven’t, you’re just downright crazy! For those that don’t know, Kairosoft is the king of simulation games with hits such as Game

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FourTrack is a brilliant take on the old-fashioned multi-track recording system by the same name. Functional on the go, FourTrack allows you to record anything that might spring to mind with accuracy and consistency.


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