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How iPad mini Is Too Outdated for Its Own Good

While it may be Apple's newest object of affection, iPad mini is a far cry from being a tablet that can be considered to boast the features of the latest-and-greatest in such a competitively over-saturated market. Ironically, iPad mini misses quite of a few of the marks that its 9.7" counterpart set itself and manages to surpass. While iPad for the most part makes other tablet efforts look embarrassing, iPad mini starts behind the race of the oft-desired features that makes a tablet cutting-edge; even breaking some trends that Apple had kick-started.


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Love To Chase Storms? There’s An App For That

If you've ever been compelled to run outside during a storm and pretend that you're in the movie Twister, then you'll be relieved to know that there's an app for that too. Storm Spotter — built by a storm-chasing meteorology major — was built exclusively for the purpose of helping you chase after storms while viewing relevant info on where it is and what it's doing.

The app pulls info from 155 radar sites around the US and displays up to the minute radar imagery using Google Maps. It even shows your position relative to the storm using GPS. There's a bunch of other stuff in there too, but I honestly don't understand it. However, if you happen to be a storm chaser, you should definitely check out Storm Spotter. It's $4.99 in the App Store.


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