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Review: LifeProof nüüd Case is Perfect for the iPad 2/3/4

LifeProof as a company, since its initial introduction, has gradually built and solidified an unmistakable name for what it markets and sells. The truth is, iOS devices, even though each has been developed and improved through the release of multiple generations, are terribly susceptible to stray liquids - water and other harmful substances can easily creep their way into a device and wreak ultimate havoc. For that reason, there's a large demand for protective cases with the ability to safeguard against water, and LifeProof has captured that market with its nearly-flawless offerings for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


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A Day With iOS 4

I didn't upgrade my 3G iPhone when the 3GS became available last year, which was the cause of much grief at behalf of my friends and colleagues. Of course the joke is on them, since I'll be able to pre-order a subsidized iPhone 4 on Monday. As a result, when I decided to install the iOS 4 final beta 24 hours ago, I knew I would be missing some of the features. For instance, Apple states the iPhone 3G can't handle multi-tasking (which I find odd because it has worked fine with the jailbreak). So unfortunately, I can't speak to how great (or not) the new multi-tasking feature is, but below is a recap of the features I found and was able to check out.


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