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A Race to the Top: Tiny Tower

Just because I’m high up on a cloud surrounded by a sky of paid games doesn’t mean that I’m also not paying attention to the freemium applications dominating the free charts. One game that has managed to hook me and keep my attention for the past few weeks since its

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Diamond Fever

Diamond Fever by Howling Moon Games is an interesting take on the ever popular match-three puzzle game genre. The concept is a good one but the graphics aren't anything special. The point of the game is to survive a timed onslaught of gems that get tossed out of the center of the board, one at a time, to the four corners of the screen. Winning is a combination of luck and ninja reflexes as you try to keep the gem blocks from reaching the center. To do this you must tap on any grouping of 3 or more gems to make them disappear.


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