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Fix for ‘No Content’ Bug

While syncing my iPod just now I noticed, when navigating to the music app, that there was apparently “No Content”. However, on my computer, it said that I had my some 400 songs. Weird, huh? After syncing and syncing, it was contantly displaying the message, so I decided to experiment

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Next Generation Devices Without A Home Button? iOS 4.3 Says So

As many of you may have heard or seen, iOS 4.3 was released to developers yesterday in the beta form which means that it won’t be out for some time to the public. With the release, people have noticed changes that lead them to believe that next generation iPhones, iPads

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iPhone Malware Steals Your Data For Reals, Foregoes Rickrolling

Mac security firm Intego is now reporting its discovery of a piece of malware which affects many jailbroken iPhone. The malware appears to use the same vulnerability as the "ikee" exploit which we reported on earlier this week. This more nefarious software can be installed on any device and used to collect user data from any jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch which uses the default root password.

Unlike traditional computer viruses, this one, which Intego calls "iPhone/Privacy.A," instead simply runs on a Mac, PC, or even another iPhone and monitors for jailbroken devices. Once the software finds a vulnerable device, the hacker can then access and copy any information.


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iTunes 7.7 Installs Unwanted MobileMe Preference Pane In Windows

Remember that time Apple was trying to push Safari on people updating their iTunes software? It looks like Apple is at it again. They just can't leave those Windows users alone. This time they're spamming them in the iTunes 7.7 update with an unwanted MobileMe control panel that gives the user the ability to open a MobileMe account. They're none too happy about it, either.


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