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iPhone 5 Rumors Predict September and August Release Dates

The blogosphere is jumping with next generation iPhone rumors. According to several unverified reports, the iPhone 5 will launch on Wednesday, September 7. The new iPhone is purportedly being shipped with iOS 5, which Apple senior vice president Scott Forstall unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Many tech

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Angry Birds iPhone Case Competes For Most Hideous Apple Accessory

Even the biggest Angry Birds fan will want to stay away from this blinged out iPhone case. Not only does the bedazzled exterior look uncomfortable to hold to your ear, but the HUGE 3D Angry Bird protruding out the back has me at a loss for words. It looks like

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Is the Unlocked iPhone For You?

If you haven’t already heard, Apple is now offering 16GB and 32GB unlocked iPhone 4 models through the Apple Store, but is an unlocked iPhone the device for you? First of all, “unlocked” doesn’t mean “jailbroken,” it only means the phone doesn’t come with a micro-SIM card married to a

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iPhone 5 To Feature 8MP Camera

In April, Sony CEO Howard Stringer sparked 8 megapixel camera rumors for the iPhone 5 when he announced they would be handling camera sensor production for Apple, but he may have spoken too soon. On Thursday, DigiTimes reported that Sony will only be handling 10 percent of the order, with OmniVision handling the

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Apple’s Contest Ends: 10th Billion App Downloaded

As a follow up from last week’s article on Apple’s newest contest, the 10th billion app download has happened yesterday. And if you saw our article with the projected date and time when the 10th billion app would be downloaded or you checked out Tenbillionapps at all, you’d know that

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Verizon iPhone 4 Announcement

So, there we have it. The mythical creature we have all been talking about for two years has finally appeared. Looks like we will find out more specifics in the coming weeks but Verizon and Apple were pretty upfront about what we should expect. Who’s going to be first in

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iPhone apps save lives

I read a story this morning about a coach in California that saved a player’s life after using an iPhone app. Xavier Jones, a 17-year-old basketball player collapsed during a basketball game in La Verne, Cali.  The head coach, Eric Cooper Sr., just happened to review his CPR skills the

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iPhone: Remote for Apple TV?

In 2005 Apple filed for a patent which is described as a universal remote control. The patent (As well as an earlier universal remote patent) overviews a touch screen, handheld controller with a giant display, which sounds oddly like the iPhone. Though unlikely that the iPhone would be able to serve as a remote Apple does really value integrating Macs with other products, preferably their own.


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