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Device Home Sharing: What You Need to Know

Amongst the few other noticeable additions. which made their debuts on the iDevice with Apple’s iOS 4.3 release 5 days ago, was home sharing. What this did, since the this feature was already existent from computer to computer, was enable you to use your iPod or iPhone to access your

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Fix for ‘No Content’ Bug

While syncing my iPod just now I noticed, when navigating to the music app, that there was apparently “No Content”. However, on my computer, it said that I had my some 400 songs. Weird, huh? After syncing and syncing, it was contantly displaying the message, so I decided to experiment

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Ultimate Ears 100 Headphones Review – Design, Sharpness, and Comfort. Where’s the amazing sound quality?

Since I got my new iPod this September, I’ve had a brand new pair of pristine Apple headphones wrapped up sitting in the box: never used em’, haven’t planned on doing so. They’re not that bad, but seriously. Who wants to pay $30 for a semi-good pair of headphones when

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Best Apps of 2010 Highlighted on the App Store

Earlier today, Apple posted another page on iTunes with all of their highlights of the 2010 year. Since the year is coming to an end, the list has all of the best apps and such of the app store all displayed on one page. You can find the page here

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Livespeakr Review – A Small and Portable Speaker With Yamaha-like Quality!

I possess a whole collection of speaker for my iPod Touch ranging from average to amazing. Among the ones that I’d easily see myself using often are the iMainGo, and the 3 small speakers that I received from X-mini. These four speakers are very good in terms of quality, but

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Monster Turbine Headphone Review – Monster Is A Beast!

“Life’s too short to listen to bad headphones”. That is what is imprinted on the box of my new Monster Turbine headphones from Monster. This statement, proves to be true – you don’t want to spend years using those old Apple earbuds, do you? Monster is a winner when it

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Fingertip Mini Cube Speaker Review – Looks Good, Performs Ok…

Yet have I to see a speaker that’s smaller than any of the X-Mini’s, but also at the same time better. I thought that the Fingertip Mini Cube Speaker could be a competitor, but the quality of the product itself brought my hopes down tremendously. Though the shape is very

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‘X-mini MAX II’ Speaker Review – Size Has A Demented Way to Trick You!

Last week I took a look at X-mini’s II and HAPPY speakers. Being highly satisfied, I was waiting eagerly to see what their MAX II held for me. Now I now, and still the company hasn’t failed to amaze me. Unlike X-mini’s other speakers, the MAX II speaker takes the

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X-mini HAPPY Speaker Review + X-mini II Comparison – Small Ball Shape, Great Big Sound!

There are all kinds of speakers for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Very small ones that plug straight into the iPhone or iPod using the 30-pin connector, large docking speakers, and of course others that may house the device. However, none that I personally have seen are crafted with elegance

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Mini Portable Stereo Speaker Review + Discount Promo Code

I’ve always loathed the speaker on the iPod Touch 2nd generation. It’s just so…weak. It doesn’t project sound properly, and you can barely hear your music when with a crowd. Yes, I know that there are headphones to solve this problem, but thanks to, I now have another alternative:

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