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What Feature Does iOS 5 Desperately Need?

With the release of iOS 5 forthcoming in the very near future, there are quite a few revisions and new features users can look forward to. Even with an extensive amount of additions, iOS 5 is still missing crucial features. Our question to you is: what is that number one

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Ambitious Developers Want to Turn Your iPad Into a Dual-Screen Microsoft Courier

A duo of developers is looking to recreate the unique experience that Microsoft’s dual-screen tablet would have by bringing it to the iPad. They would do so with an app that encompasses many of the same features that were seen in mock-ups for the highly-anticipated Microsoft device that ultimately never

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Puzzllotto Championship Winner Announced (Awaiting Verification)

Those of you hoping to win United Lemur's Puzzllotto competition might be out of luck. The company announced over Twitter that someone may have solved their puzzle game, winning the competition and the cash prize. At the time of the unofficial announcement, the prize was worth $8,000 USD, which, pending third-party verification, will be awarded to championship winner Dave H.


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