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Microsoft Reveals Unique Windows 8 Tablet Home Screen

Taking cues from the unique styling of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft continues actually standing out to an extent in the mobile operating system scene with the tablet version of Windows 8. Or more specifically, its intelligent tile-based home screen. Watch a demonstration by Jensen Harris, Director of PM Windows User

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Ambitious Developers Want to Turn Your iPad Into a Dual-Screen Microsoft Courier

A duo of developers is looking to recreate the unique experience that Microsoft’s dual-screen tablet would have by bringing it to the iPad. They would do so with an app that encompasses many of the same features that were seen in mock-ups for the highly-anticipated Microsoft device that ultimately never

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Owner Of Canadian iPhone Scam Site Convicted On Unrelated Charges

The owner of a Canadian iPhone scam website was convicted for unrelated charges recently. Scott Fredrick Byers, also known as Joshua Trousdale, had been running the scam site that had been promising iPhones for sale to Canadians before the device had officially been launched there, scamming would-be customers out of a total of $390,000.


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