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iPad 2 Beats Mac Systems In a Speed Test

Sure, the iPad 2 already has size, weight, and battery life advantages over a modern computer. Would I sound crazy if I said you can add speed to that list? A recent speed test, conducted using the newest Mac hardware in an Apple Store nonetheless, suggests that the dual-core ARM

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Interactive Advertising

At a Starbucks in Toronto and Vancouver customers are filing in to get the chance to play with a new interactive window display built to advertise Tazo Tea. The touch screen allowed patrons to play a game leading a hummingbird, dragon or butterfly on a journey to find the teas’

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While You Were Sleeping: Morning App Store Update Report

While you were sleeping Apple pushed 13 updates to the AppStore. Crack open iTunes or the AppStore on your iPhone/Touch to find that Lists, Stock Command, Lumina, De Blob, Blanks, aSleep, Molecules, Rain Stick, KickScreen, AirMe, Glasgow Coma Scale, iHourglass, and ABC Letters are all updated. Read more after the break to find out what's new in each app.


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