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Another Day, Another iPhone 5S Rumor: Alleged Photos Appear Online

The saga of the iPhone 5 has been a never-ending one, with rumors about what it’ll look like or feel like.  There have probably even been rumors about what it’ll smell like.  Never ones to turn away a good rumor, however, we must report yet another iPhone 5S rumor: pictures

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Cheap Plastic Camera Shootout

While a lot of attention has been put on the upgraded camera coming to the iPhone 4, we thought we would compare some iPhone camera apps that don't require a ton of megapixels to make great pictures. Each of these apps help the iPhone take cheap retro looking photos, like the plastic cameras that used to be popular in the late 70s/early 80s. In this shootout, we chose three apps that seemed the most complete and advertised the ability to create awesome retro pics.


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