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Review: ThinkGeek’s Joystick-It Arcade Stick for iPhone

Some people just hate the iPhone’s touchscreen, period. Now, why they would even buy one, I don’t know but according to our poll from a few weeks ago, a small minority of our readers prefer an external keyboard over the virtual one currently on the iDevice. These same number of

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DIY – Replace Your iPhone’s Battery

If nothing I posted yesterday will work in prolonging your iPhone’s battery life, there are always other measures you can take. Along with taking your device in to your local Apple store, DIY battery replacement is also an option that you may want to refer to if you want a

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Gamebox+ App Review – A Freemium Title? No way, it can’t be! Yup, it is!

Whenever you go onto the top 25 free applications on the app store, you usually see a lite version, some utility or some completely pointless application (no offense). You don’t often see a quality game without having limits unless it was promoted with FAAD, or OpenFeint, or some other free

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Crashed Apps May Be More Apple’s Fault Than Developers

Applications are failing left and right, suddenly jumping back to the home screen or freezing your iPhone entirely. If you’re anything like me, you probably sat there the first time thinking, “What? No.” It seems, however, that developers aren’t as much to blame as we first thought.


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