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Verizon Joining in on iPhone Discounting?

Earlier I posted an article on two iPhone retailers discounting their iPhones reasonably as a possible act of anticipation for the iPhone 5: Target and RadioShack had discounted all models of the iPhone by $50 and $30, respectively. I also mentioned that both AT&T and Verizon were still offering it

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New Android App Makes Multitasking With Your iPhone Easier

Over 200,000 Android users have already been enjoying the multitasking app from Thrutu, and starting today, iPhone users can get in on the action too. The Thrutu app allows mobile device users to find a location by sending a live map, or useful information to other phones without having to

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JailbreakMe 3.0: iPhone Stuck At Apple Logo? Try This Fix!

The release of JailbreakMe 3.0 has made a lot of people very happy, however, some Verizon iPhone owners have been experiencing a bug that leaves their phone stuck at the Apple logo. If you have encountered this problem with your device, Comex, that hacker responsible for, released this fix:

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Is the Unlocked iPhone For You?

If you haven’t already heard, Apple is now offering 16GB and 32GB unlocked iPhone 4 models through the Apple Store, but is an unlocked iPhone the device for you? First of all, “unlocked” doesn’t mean “jailbroken,” it only means the phone doesn’t come with a micro-SIM card married to a

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Astronauts to Take Two iPhones to the Final Frontier

Two iPhone 4s will be lifted off into space on the shuttle Atlantis for the mission tentatively scheduled for launch on July 8. Sadly for the astronauts they won’t be using the iPhones to kill time by playing Angry Birds or FaceTiming with loved ones, but instead will be using

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Sell Your iPhone 4 For More Than $300!

I’m sure lots of you are itching for Apple’s newest iPhone to come out. If you just HAVE to have the most recent iPhone, you may be tired of spending around $300 each summer to stay up-to-date. Well I have some good news for you. Gazelle is allowing you to sell

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Walmart Puts New iPhone 4 On-Sale at Cheapest Price Yet

Okay, we know that you would need a reason to go to Walmart for an iPhone 4 purchase. Prior to today, it would be easy to come up with tons of reasons to go elsewhere to a more tech-savvy store (wait, it still is). Does a 26% discount entice you?

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AT&T Hints at iPhone 4S/5 Announcement on Monday

It seems like no coincidence that AT&T has been removing iPhone 4 from prime positions in its Wireless online store, trying to keep it away from a customer’s view, as early as days (though now we’re approaching hours) before WWDC. In past years, new iterations of the iPhone have been

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Lenmar iBatteryCase for iPhone 4 Review

Lenmar’s iBatteryCase for the iPhone 4 features a 1700mAh battery in a fairly attractive and protective rubberized black case. While the iPhone battery case market is expanding, Lenmar has one unique thing going on with this case that is a card that they should keep close to really make the

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iPhone Battery Pack

One of the biggest complaints with the iPhone is battery life, so many people look for an external battery pack to help with that issue.  I found one from EXOGEAR, exolife, and so far I love it. It works more as an external battery instead of a secondary battery.  The

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