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iPad 2 Beats Mac Systems In a Speed Test

Sure, the iPad 2 already has size, weight, and battery life advantages over a modern computer. Would I sound crazy if I said you can add speed to that list? A recent speed test, conducted using the newest Mac hardware in an Apple Store nonetheless, suggests that the dual-core ARM

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Tips for Purchasing an iPad 2 on eBay

After an unlucky launch day for me and literally every store in New Jersey being sold out of their iPad 2 stock by the next day’s afternoon, I vigorously checked eBay for a 32GB iPad 2. A brand new 32GB iPad with a Smart Cover was sold as a $700

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10 Reasons to Buy iPad 2 (Plus 5 Reasons to Ignore the Competition)

There are quite a few compelling reasons to rush out and purchase an iPad 2. iPad 2 puts the iPad even further ahead of the competition, but does that mean it is worth the purchase price to replace your first-generation iPad? It may be: 10. Gyroscope. Not only will iPad

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10 Reasons Not to Buy iPad 2

If you have already seen my in-depth list of reasons to buy the iPad, you may be wondering “are there any reasons not to buy an iPad 2?” Sure, there are: 10. The competition is heating up. As more companies are scrambling to catch up with the iPad and stand

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Where You Can Buy iPad 2 on March 11

Have your chairs, food, drinks, and other necessary supplies ready for the night of March 10. Judging by how well the first-generation iPad sold, iPad 2 will have all the trimmings of a hot device launch day, including long lines. Your wait in line will be significantly shorter if you

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iPad 2 Forebodes What iPhone 5 Will Be Like

Apple CEO Steve Jobs surprisingly took the stage on Wednesday to announce the successor to the iPad, one of the fast-selling products ever, iPad 2. Featuring more changes than expected and hugely ahead of the tablet competition, Apple declared 2011 as “the year of the iPad 2.” Will this also

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iPad 2 Parody

Now that the iPad 2 has been announced, You Tube is blowing up with fake commercials and parodies. It’s Friday! Friday! So what better day during the week for a few laughs? Have a good weekend everyone!

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iPad 2 Apple Event Recap

Today Apple held an event in San Francisco at 10a.m. PST. Per the invitation to the event, we knew there would be talk of the iPad 2. Many rumors swirled around and most of what we heard came to fruition. Here is a recap of the event. Steve Jobs came

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New iPhone and iPad Releases Both Delayed?

There have been rumors going around that both the fifth-generation iPhone and the second-generation iPad will see releases pushed past their usual launch window. Both rumored delays to the expected release dates of the devices are assumedly the cause of Apple’s increasingly more demanding manufacturing and desire for a massive

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iPad 2 on March 2

With FLASH!!! No, I kid, I kid. Sources have claimed that Apple will release the iPad 2 one week from today. All Things Digital claims to have confirmed from several outside sources that Apple will be making the announcement on March 2nd, which is said to be held in San

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