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Sid Meier’s Pirates Released for the iPad as a Full Port of the PC Game

When Sid Meier’s Pirates! was originally released at the end of 2004 for the PC, it was met with a universally-positive acclaim and earned a place on some critics’ lists of the year’s best games. Players were enthralled with the caribbean adventures riddled with mini-games and a surprising depth.Pirates went

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Star Trek App Beams to the iPad

Would Captain Kirk be an Apple guy or an Android guy? I’ll leave that debate open to real Star Trek fans, but I do know that Trekkies can now have the ultimate Star Trek experience on their iPad. The new Star Trek application from CBS Interactive transforms your iPad into

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JailbreakMe 3.0 Officially Launched

It’s been a long wait, but starting today iPad 2 owners can finally jailbreak their devices with JailbreakMe 3.0. The new jailbreak from Comex works on all iOS 4.3.3 devices. To jailbreak your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch visit using the browser on the device you want to jailbreak,

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iPad 2 Jailbreak Arrives Early

The long awaited JailbreakMe 3.0 for the iPad 2 was leaked on Saturday, but not by Comex, the hacker who has been working on the new jailbreak for several weeks now. On June 11, Comex hinted that he had discovered a new  exploit when he published a picture of a

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Humor: Life-Sized iPad – Slower, Thicker, Heavier

It’s time for some Saturday humor! Following my brief visit to my local Apple store to check out some of the new, white iPhone 5s I saw Apple’s newest product: the iPad 2′s successor, the iPad 2 Life-Sized Version. Admire the huge, color-bursting Smart Covers casing those large, iPad 2-similar-devices.

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Best Buy Launches iPad 2 Promotion This Sunday

Looks like those Best Buy hoarding rumors were true. An internal memo published by Engadget shows that Best Buy plans to launch a nationwide iPad 2 promotion this Sunday, April 17, and Business Insider confirmed the report by publishing the sales ad mentioned in the memo. According to the document published by Engadget, most stores will have a "minimum of three slates each," and "existing reserve order fulfillment is still priority," so if you don't have a ticket, you may want to line up early. Previous rumors accused the retail chain of refusing to sell iPad 2's to customers even if they had them in stock.


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HISTORY Releases ‘The Civil War Today’ App For the iPad

The cable network History released an app for history buffs that transports iPad owners back to the Civil War. The Civil War Today marks the 150th anniversary of one of the most important events in U.S. history with games, photos, and daily reports about the war. The updates start with the April 12, 1861 attack on Fort Sumter and continue for four years mirroring the events of 150 years ago as if it were happening today. App owners can further follow the carnage in real-time with diary entries, newspaper clips, and running tallies of the North and South casualty counts.


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Apple Pulls the iPad 2 from Best Buy?

According to tips from CrunchGear and TUAW, Apple may pull the iPad 2 off the shelves at Best Buy. It seems as if Best Buy created their own quota of iPads to sell and when that quota was met they would sell no more. If customers asked to purchase an

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iPad 2′s Glass Found to Be Much Stronger Than Its Predecessor

Have you ever had to lament the shattering of your iOS device’s glass? Well, it seems that Apple is well aware of the extent of people that have accidentally dropped their device and picked it up only to find the glass shattered. Continuing to try to fix one of their

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If You Want an iPad 2 Soon, You Will Need to Find One Now

As disaster strikes Japan, it has consequences both in the country and worldwide. It can be surprising just how far-reaching this disaster is, with it even affecting iPad 2 production. It is a tragedy for the many Japanese people and those with family in Japan, and we had previously written about how you

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