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iPhone Alley Is Hiring! (It’s a Paid Job, Of Course)

As we are in the phases of preparing to re-launch iPhone Alley, redesigning each and every bolt of the site from the ground up, of course we realize the key to a well-oiled machine is to have a fantastic team working on it. Thus we are accepting applications to join a team of exceptional writers in our venture to become a perfectly well-rounded iOS site with up-to-the-minute iOS/iPhone/iPad/Apple news, unique article series, top-notch application and product reviews, all rounded out by enlightening editorials and a sharp wit; to name some of the vast array of topics we would like to cover. Intrigued to become part of an evolving team at a top-ranking technology blog centering around what is perhaps the hottest topic of our time? Continue reading to find out exactly what we are looking for and how to apply.


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Epson Announces Support for iPhone Apps

Epson, makers of printers for homes and offices worldwide, announced that they will be globally supporting their open-source development kit, the ESC/P-R library, in all of their Wi-Fi capable products. The ESC/P-R language allows selected inkjet printers to communicate with other electronic devices to support wireless printing of every mode and type paper the printer is capable of.

A few apps have already used the ESC/P-R language, including ePrint [App Store, Free] from Microtech and Epson iPrint [App Store, Free] from Epson.


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