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Watch (Tons of) HBO Content on Your iPad/iPhone with HBO Go

HBO, which has been losing subscribers at a steady pace over the last few years, just made a subscription a little more appealing with an app for iPhone, iPad, and Android that allows you to watch every episode of ongoing and past HBO series. The selection ranges from new hits

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ZodTTD Submits Quake Port For iPhone To App Store For Approval

Several months ago, we saw Quake 3 running on a pair of iPod touches, and then later ZodTTD got Quake running on the iPhone. Since then, Cameron and Marcia Tofer of Hermitworks, the duo responsible for the Quake 3 port, announced that the project wasn't to be released. Unlike them, however, ZodTTD is now attempting to submit his Quake port over to the iPhone to the App Store for approval.


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