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iPhone Alley Spectrum Countdown to the Relaunch Giveaway

The pending relaunch of iPhone Alley as a whole has been a tease to our readers, undoubtedly. In the past few months, the launch date has changed quite a few times as reflection of the countless struggles we've faced behind the scenes to assure that the all-new, redesigned iPhone Alley unanimously surpasses everyone's expectations. As a token of appreciation for all of those who have stuck alongside us, iPhone Alley is offering its readers the chance the exclusive chance to win big. In light of the relaunch, which is coming incredibly soon, iPhone Alley has teamed up with case provider, Otterbox as well as numerous iOS developers - click to enter!


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iPA Giveaway: Celebrate the Relaunch Countdown by Winning an iPad mini!

Here at iPhone Alley, we sympathize with what you have to put up with during the holidays. Whether it be a stressful dinner that should be a touch more warming or the sting of realizing the truth about Santa, we get it. We understand what you are going through so much so that we have to profusely apologize... that the re-launch is still being mulled over and perfected! How would an iPad mini giveaway ease the pain?


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Heads-up: iResQ Rescuing iOS Fans with a Dual-iPod touch Giveaway!

Our friends over at the mail-in iOS device repair center iResQ are piloting a contest for not one, but two new fifth-generation iPod touches! We wanted to extend this contest to our community, since we also love giving away amazingly-worthwhile prizes. Join us after the break as we rundown how our community can enter iResQ's contest for the sake of having a chance at fixing any bouts of iPod-lessness.


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iPhone Alley Exclusive Giveaway – Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card

It's been some time since we last gave away goodies here at iPhone Alley, but today we're back to run yet another contest for our readers. Here's your chance to win a $30 iTunes gift card for use in conjunction with any of Apple's three media content marketplaces: the App Stores, iTunes and iBooks. Click above for more information on how you can win!


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Win Tons of Cool Prizes in Cygnett’s Father’s Day Contest

It must be a cumbersome task to purchase the same old "Best Dad in the World" mug or similar cosmetic every single year for your father, and I'm sure he's sick of it too. Wouldn't it be great to get him something he'd actually use on a regular basis in conjunction with an iOS device? Thanks to Cyngett's Father's Day giveaway, you can.


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iPhone Alley Weekly Giveaway #12 – Snap2PDF, Kung Fu Rabbit,, Steps and More!

Relish the times: the iPhone Alley Weekly Giveaway will soon be coming to an end...not! This week we've got a ton of superbly created, aesthetically wonderful, applications to boast including, Kung Fu Rabbit, Snap2PDF, Steps and a whole lot more. Come on and see what all of the much deserved fuss is about!


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‘Potions’ Magical Puzzle Game Launched – Guessing Giveaway (Updated)

For fans of App Store puzzle games, we are starting a new two-day giveaway in promotion of the magically-enchanting upcoming iOS game Potions. There is a catch that makes this giveaway unique and meticulous while also simultaneously preparing you for the game. Sure, we could tell you the type of gameplay

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iPhone Alley Weekly Giveaway #11 – Win An appleJuce Complete Cleaning Kit!

As you know, our way of saying thank you while also promoting applications that we love has passed a first of many milestones recently, and this week we've got a product to giveaway. Making your screen beautiful while also giving a sweet apple aroma to your iOS device, appleJuce is up for grabs this week ($24.99 value).


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Winner of Apple’s Milestone Celebration Voucher Announced

Just four years ago the App Store was started for the first of many to come iOS devices. In that little amount of time, the market has grown to accustom a whopping amount of daily users and most recently 25,000,000,000 app downloads - Apple released the news three days ago that their milestone had been reached. The person who downloaded the 25 billionth application will receive $10,000 in iTunes credit, and he has been announced.


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iPhone Alley Weekly Giveaway #10 – Tank Pro, Notefile, Convertr and More!

We've reached a milestone! Ten weeks of us giving away over hundreds of promo codes to our treasured, loyal fans. Though there's nothing out of the ordinary in this week's iteration of our giveaway to celebrate, next week should hold a worthy surprise. Stay tuned. Until then, this week we've got 30 promo codes up for grabs for apps like Tank Pro, Convertr, Notefile and a lot more!


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