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Full List of Holiday App Store Game Sales/Discounts

About right now, your wallet is either much lighter or much heavier. Well, it depends on whether you were on the receiving side of the gifts or the more warm-hearted giving side. Either way, you can probably spare a little extra on a new app or two. With all those

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Gameloft Unleashes Chaos Onto the App Store With One of the First iOS MMORPGs

To date, the App Store has had very few massively-multiplayer-online (MMO) games, and even fewer quality MMOs. Gameloft is the first to change that in a blatant attempt to cash in on the success that popular MMOs on the PC and Mac have had. The company’s first iOS MMO, titled

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Gameloft Games Are About to Look a Lot Better

One could argue that the single biggest App Store developer and pioneer is Gameloft. Their constant churning out of solid games with blatant inspiration to more popular series has proven to be a staple of the App Store since Hero of Sparta, one of the first “PSP-quality” 3D games on

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Gameloft’s “Gangstar: Miami Vindication” Release Date Announced Plus A New Trailer

I know I loved the first Gangstar on my iPod. It was the first GTA lookalike, and it played a heck-lot like the original games by Rockstar. Though the official Grand Theft Auto made its debut a bit after, I still enjoyed Gangstar a whole lot more than it and

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Gameloft’s Zombie Infection On Sale For $0.99

I remember debating on whether to buy Gameloft’s Zombie Infection when it was first released back in May. I’m very glad that I decided not to because today the game went on sale for only $0.99, and this bargain is not going to last! In the game, you find yourself

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Apple Now Offering Television Shows in Australian iTunes Store

Over in the land down under, Apple's Australian iTunes Store has just begun to offer television programming for sale. The online location is offering a standard price of $2.99 AUS per episode, although no season passes seem to be available as of this writing as of now.


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